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Welcome to the heritage city, Melaka. The complex manner in which various cultures intermingle here is probably its greatest charm. Evidence of this abounds in its cuisine, architecture, festivals and so on. Please enjoy our city with the guide of Chari-Chari Melaka magazine.

Chari-Chari means hunt-and-find in Malay language. Let the chari-chari spirit be your guide as you explore our wonderful town!

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When you arrive at Melaka, get our magazine. As most of the hotels and guesthouses store Chari-Chari Melaka, please ask the staffs. If you can't get it there, please visit tourist information or Chari-Chari office. Welcome!

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Chari-Chari Melaka is collecting the tourists窶・jumping photographs. We use your fantastic photos on our magazine and website. Let窶冱 jump with us for your great memory in Melaka.

Contact;019-686-6662 Izam or Please ask your hotel owner.

Jump with Us !